• Griseld Gerveni

    Griseld Gerveni

    CEO/Co-Founder at iNSmart Code https://insmartcode.com

  • iNSmart Code

    iNSmart Code

    Software Development "Think Smart, Code Smart, Deliver Excellence" https://insmartcode.com

  • Mollie McClelland Morris

    Mollie McClelland Morris

    Grace & Presence ~ Embodied Self-Enquiry, Physical Artistry ~ Sensitivity. Honesty. Beauty. Fun. • Yoga Teacher since 2001 • Creator, Mover, Mentor, Mother •

  • Christopher OLDCORN

    Christopher OLDCORN

    A writer curious about the world. Published over 300 stories in 50+ publications.

  • Dana Kozubska

    Dana Kozubska

  • Simon McClelland Morris

    Simon McClelland Morris

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