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3 min readJul 4, 2022


It’s rare that we get to connect with something as deeply digitally as we do physically. Photographs are a great example of this. Why? Because digital photos are usually tucked into a folder on a computer or lost way down a social media feed never to be seen again — they’re of the moment, but instead, become almost throwaway.

But, if you take a special moment and decide to create a physical photograph from a digital one it’s usually for good reason. A physical print is memory inducing, emotion-stirring, it can bring us comfort or wonder, and allows us to relive a moment in our lives again and again. It could be an adventure to Yosemite, or India, or Peru; it could be a holiday to Greece, Italy or Thailand; it could be a 50th wedding anniversary or a 100th birthday; it could be a wedding or an engagement.

The Beauty of Giclee Printing

Discover the quality and longevity of Giclee Printed artwork, your memory will live on forever, retaining the quality of a lifetime. Whatever the memory, the ability to print them using our Giclee printing in London, the fine art process means that these moments and memories will not be lost, in more ways than one. Instead of photos disappearing metaphorically down the back of the sofa, create a physical reminder with a print.

Perhaps you pick one special memory such as an important family milestone, or a series of holiday adventure trips placed in and around the home; maybe you have them on rotation changing the pictures every few months to keep the memories fresh and exciting; or how about giving them as gifts so others can bask in the memories too. We’re probably all had a grandparent who would pull out a photo album revisiting memories and sharing family history with you, or pick up a framed photo and comment on the occasion. But with the digital format wh never quite get to do this. Printing a select few images helps to create something akin to the memories our grandparents shared each day in their own homes.

Quality of Giclee

The quality of fine art printing also gives you the ability to create something aesthetically beautiful for your home or as a gift. The paper qualities alone can enhance an environment with their rich textures and finishes.

The other great thing about the giclée fine art print process is that it will last a lifetime. The sustainable archival quality paper and ink means they can last approx 85 years without any noticeable fading, no matter what size you should choose. If you are thinking big, perhaps for a feature wall or a centrepiece, then no problem, we have you covered. Available in small to large format, they’re great for any room, space or environment. Just let us know the size you’re thinking and we can let you know the papers available for print.

To start you off we have a fine art print help guide.

And a comprehensive dedicated page to the giclée print process including pricing, artwork, some technical info and our paper range. Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to email or call us.

Choosing some photos to print can be a rewarding process, you’ll revisit some memories, and have some you’ll bring back to life too, daily.



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