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4 min readJul 4, 2022


What makes a successful retail campaign rollout work?

Producing graphics and POS for a retail campaign can seem daunting to the uninitiated. So many graphic sizes; so many different layouts; so many packing instructions; so many delivery addresses. But fear not. We’ve been there, seen it, done it — and still do it.

With a methodical approach and the ability for a birds-eye view, things might not be as complicated as they seem.

A 5 point retail roll-out checklist helps.

If we make sure we have the below covered as our starting points, it should leave us in good stead for the task ahead. Let’s make sure we endeavour to have –

1. A full job brief

2. A comprehensive roll-out spreadsheet

3. Artwork that corresponds to spreadsheet

4. Designated deadlines

5. Good communication

This gives us the ability to plan both the production and the logistics sides of the job. Just looking at the store list gives us an insight into how we need to prepare and pack a roll-out — knowing which stores are International deliveries, which are in the UK, which drop in London, for example, means we can devise a collation and boxing timeframe, ordering in suitable packing materials if required.

Each point is a stepping stone to the others, with good communication between The Graphical Tree and the client being a key ingredient.

A full job brief –
Simply, this should give us an overview of the job and what is required

A comprehensive spreadsheet –
The spreadsheet is our checklist which runs from customer, project manager, production, packing and delivery logistics. It should include artwork names, sizes, quantities, production method information, store allocation, and any special info required too. Remember, a retail campaign can be made up of a plethora of items including free-standing POS, hanging graphics, stretch-frames, strut cards, shelf strips, vinyl decals, printed vinyl, window clings and more — let’s make sure we know what’s what, and where it’s all going.

Artwork –
Having artwork file names that correspond to the data-sheet is invaluable. It cuts out any confusion and saves time when checking we have all the required artwork in our possession. It also means we can easily make sure that the sizes match and the correct qualities are produced.

If you work methodically through points 2 and 3, probably the more daunting stages, then in our experience, everything will be fine.

Deadlines –
If something needs to arrive by a certain time, let us know. If we’re all aware of when a delivery is needed, it helps keep us all on the ball. So between us let’s make sure we put in place deadlines for artwork, production, packing logistics, delivery and any installation.

Good communication –
Being available for each other throughout the campaign’s production means we all have the ability to ask questions, raise concerns or keep each other up to date on the progress of the roll-out. Yes, we’re the ones producing the campaign, but we can all help it go to plan, run smoothly and with as less stress as possible along the way.

Campaign delivery

The Graphical Tree’s central London HQ means we have the perfect location to service the London retail industry, and our west London production studio gives us easy access to the rest of the UK, as well as Europe and around the world due to its proximity to Heathrow Airport.

We regularly produce and distribute retail campaign graphics in the UK, including same day and overnight deliveries. Often also we’ll install bespoke flagship store graphics as part of the job as well while sending out the supporting store packs of POS. You then know that the same high-quality graphic displays produced for flagship stores are also being produced for stores around the country too.

Get in touch if you’d like to speak to us about your own retail campaign roll-outs. You’ll be talking to a trusted supplier experienced in their production and delivery.

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